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Season 3 (2002–03)

Whereas the previous seasons had focused primarily on the character of Bernice Summerfield, Big Finish used the third season as an opportunity to introduce an ensemble feel to the productions. This is most evident in The Green-Eyed Monsters and The Mirror Effect where the characters Jason Kane, Adrian Wall and Irving Braxiatel are significantly developed. The latter, in particular, suggests that Braxiatel has a darker, more mysterious past than the audience has previously been led to believe.

The other two plays that comprise the third season focus more specifically on Bernice. The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy remains the most light-hearted play of the season, while The Dance of the Dead reintroduces the Ice Warriors from Doctor Who.

While not officially part of the third season (at least as far as the numbering is concerned), the Bernice Summerfield audio play The Plague Herds of Excelis (the fourth play in Big Finish's Excelis series; the first three plays fall under the Doctor Who umbrella) takes place between The Green-Eyed Monsters and The Dance of the Dead. Chronologically, the short story anthology A Life of Surprises also falls within this gap.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy"Alistair LockPaul EbbsFebruary 25, 2002 (2002-02-25)BFPCD11
2"The Green-Eyed Monsters"Gary RussellDave StoneJune 20, 2002 (2002-06-20)BFPCD12
-"The Plague Herds of Excelis"John AinsworthStephen ColeJuly 2002 (2002-07)BFPCD13
3"The Dance of the Dead"Edward SaltStephen ColeOctober 24, 2002 (2002-10-24)BFPCD14
4"The Mirror Effect"Gary RussellStewart SheargoldMarch 2003 (2003-03)BFPCD15

Season 4 (2003–04)

The fourth season was unofficially dubbed the "classic Who monsters" season, with each play featuring an alien adversary that previously appeared in the Doctor Who television series. The Bellotron Incident predominantly features the Rutan Host (their major enemies, the Sontarans, are also referred to but don't actually appear), The Draconian Rage features the Draconians, The Poison Seas casts a more sympathetic light on the Sea Devils, while Death and the Daleks (the first double CD release in the series since Just War) sees the first appearance of the Daleks within the Bernice Summerfield series. Prior to its release, Death and the Daleks was entitled The Axis of Evil to keep the appearance of the Daleks a secret.

Big Finish also published an anthology of short stories, entitled Life During Wartime, that was specially written as a prelude to the Death and the Daleks audio play. Paul Cornell, the anthology's editor, described Life During Wartime as "a novel written by multiple authors". Each of the collection's stories are told in chronological order, detailing events that occur when the Collection is occupied by a powerful alien force. The anthology ends on a cliff-hanger that is resolved in Death and the Daleks.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Bellotron Incident"Gary RussellMike TuckerApril 2003 (2003-04)BFPCD16
2"The Draconian Rage"Edward SaltTrevor BaxendaleAugust 2003 (2003-08)BFPCD17
3"The Poison Seas"Edward SaltDavid BaileySeptember 2003 (2003-09)BFPCD18
4"Death and the Daleks"Gary RussellPaul CornellJanuary 2004 (2004-01)BFPCD19

Season 5 (2004–05)

The previous season's tradition of using classic monsters continues into the fifth season, with the Grel (previously heard in Oh No It Isn't!) returning in The Grel Escape, a knowing pastiche of The Chase. The Bone of Contention features the Galyari, who appeared in the Doctor Who audio play The Sandman, while the title and plot of The Relics of Jegg-Sau was inspired by a 1970s Doctor Who licensed jigsaw puzzle that depicted a scene with giant robots identical to the one that appeared in Robot.

The Masquerade of Death brings the fifth season to a close in a suitably dark and surreal fashion.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Grel Escape"Gary RussellJacqueline RaynerJuly 2004 (2004-07)BFPCD20
2"The Bone of Contention"Edward SaltSimon A. ForwardAugust 2004 (2004-08)BFPCD21
3"The Relics of Jegg-Sau"Edward SaltStephen ColeNovember 2004 (2004-11)BFPCD22
4"The Masquerade of Death"John AinsworthStewart SheargoldMarch 2005 (2005-03)BFPCD23

Season 6 (2005–06)

By the end of The Crystal of Cantus, the true dark and manipulative nature of Braxiatel was revealed and he left the Collection. Its future is now uncertain, with the Draconians claiming they own the planetoid on what it is based. The entire series was directed by Gary Russell.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Heart's Desire"Gary RussellDavid Bailey & Neil CorryJune 2005 (2005-06)BFPCD24
2"The Kingdom of the Blind"Gary RussellJacqueline RaynerJuly 2005 (2005-07)BFPCD25
3"The Lost Museum"Gary RussellSimon GuerrierSeptember 2005 (2005-09)BFPCD26
4"The Goddess Quandary"Gary RussellAndy RussellFebruary 2006 (2006-02)BFPCD27
5"The Crystal of Cantus"Gary RussellJoseph LidsterJune 2006 (2006-06)BFPCD28

Season 7 (2006)

The seventh season follows the staff of the Collection as they attempt to keep things running smoothly in Braxiatel's absence. Collected Works and Old Friends, two books published during this season's run, also develop the running plots that planetoid KS-159 is under threat from the Draconians and Mim, and that the Collection itself is falling apart literally as well as figuratively without Braxiatel at its helm.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Tartarus Gate"Gary RussellStewart SheargoldJuly 2006 (2006-07)BFPCD29
2"Timeless Passages"Gary RussellDaniel O'MahonyAugust 2006 (2006-08)BFPCD30
3"The Worst Thing in the World"Ed SaltDave StoneSeptember 2006 (2006-09)BFPCD31
4"Summer of Love"Ed SaltSimon GuerrierOctober 2006 (2006-10)BFPCD32
5"The Oracle of Delphi"Ed SaltScott HandcockNovember 2006 (2006-11)BFPCD33
6"The Empire State"Ed SaltEddie RobsonDecember 2006 (2006-12)BFPCD34

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Season 8 (2007-8)

In the eighth season, Braxiatel returns to the Collection, which is threatened by crossfire and politics in the war between the Draconians and Mim. The war comes to an unexpected conclusion shortly after his return, and several regular characters pay a heavy price for realising too late that Braxiatel himself is the real threat. The season ends with Benny cutting her ties to the Collection and Braxiatel, and going on the run with her son Peter. The books The Two Jasons and Nobody's Children also fit into this season's arc.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Tub Full of Cats"Ed SaltDaniel O'MahonyFebruary 2007 (2007-02)BFPCD35
2"The Judas Gift"Ed SaltNick WallaceApril 2007 (2007-04)BFPCD36
3"Freedom of Information"Ed SaltEddie RobsonJune 2007 (2007-06)BFPCD37
4"The End of the World"Lisa BowermanDave StoneSeptember 2007 (2007-09)BFPCD38
5"The Final Amendment"Gary RussellJoseph LidsterOctober 2007 (2007-10)BFPCD39
6"The Wake"Gary RussellSimon GuerrierJanuary 2008 (2008-01)BFPCD40

Season 9 (2008)

The ninth season is a much looser collection of stories, following Bernice and her son Peter as Benny searches for work away from the Collection.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"Beyond the Sea"Toby LongworthEddie RobsonJune 2008 (2008-06)BFPCD41
2"The Adolescence of Time"Lisa BowermanLawrence MilesJuly 2008 (2008-07)BFPCD42
3"The Adventure of the Diogenes Damsel"Nigel FairsJim SmithAugust 2008 (2008-08)BFPCD43
4"The Diet of Worms"Toby LongworthMatthew SweetSeptember 2008 (2008-09)BFPCD44

Season 10 (2009)

The entire series was directed by John Ainsworth.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"Glory Days"John AinsworthNick WallaceJune 2009 (2009-06)BFPCD45
2"Absence"John AinsworthDaniel O'MahonyJuly 2009 (2009-07)BFPCD46
3"Venus Mantrap"John AinsworthMark Clapham & Lance ParkinAugust 2009 (2009-08)BFPCD47
4"Secret Origins"John AinsworthEddie RobsonSeptember 2009 (2009-09)BFPCD48

Season 11 (2010)

The entire series was again directed by John Ainsworth. The animated short Dead and Buried acted as a prelude to this series.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"Resurrecting the Past"John AinsworthEddie RobsonSeptember 2010 (2010-09)BFPCD49
2"Escaping the Future"John AinsworthEddie RobsonOctober 2010 (2010-10)BFPCD50
3"Year Zero"John AinsworthJonathan ClementsNovember 2010 (2010-11)BFPCD51
4"Dead Man's Switch"John AinsworthJohn Dorney & Richard DinnickDecember 2010 (2010-12)BFPCD52



No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"The Kraken's Lament"Gary RussellMark WrightSeptember 2011 (2011-09)BFPBSBOX001
2"The Temple of Questions"Gary RussellJacqueline RaynerSeptember 2011 (2011-09)BFPBSBOX001
3"Private Enemy No. 1"Gary RussellTony LeeSeptember 2011 (2011-09)BFPBSBOX001
4"Judgement Day"Gary RussellScott HandcockSeptember 2011 (2011-09)BFPBSBOX001

Road Trip

No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"Brand Management"Gary RussellChristopher CooperFebruary 2012 (2012-02)BFPBSBOX002
2"Bad Habits"Gary RussellSimon Barnard and Paul MorrisFebruary 2012 (2012-02)BFPBSBOX002
3"Paradise Frost"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynFebruary 2012 (2012-02)BFPBSBOX002


No.TitleDirected byWritten byRelease DateProd.
1"Vesuvius Falling"Gary RussellTony LeeSeptember 2012 (2012-09)BFPBSBOX003
2"Shades of Gray"Scott HandcockScott HandcockSeptember 2012 (2012-09)BFPBSBOX003
3"Everybody Loves Irving"Gary RussellMiles RichardsonSeptember 2012 (2012-09)BFPBSBOX003

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