List of Hillsong songs



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List of Hillsong songs

The Hillsong Church started in Australia and from there spread as a Pentecostal movement.The Hillsong Church has produced hundreds of Christian songs on CDs since 1992 on over 50 albums, mostly under their own label, Hillsong Music.

Below is a list of songs arranged alphabetically by title. Italicised song titles indicate an instrumental recording. Italicised album names indicate an instrumental album. A number in brackets after the song title means that there have been different songs with the same name. If a particular song is on more than one album, all albums are listed alphabetically. A number in brackets after the album name indicates the version number of that song in chronological order. If they are the same number, it means they are the same recording.

Note: Songs from the (non-English) Hillsong Ukraine albums are not listed.