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Raffaello di Lucca

Main article: Raf di Lucca

Joe McFadden portrays specialist emergency medicine registrar Raffaello "Raf" di Lucca. By his own admission, his passion lies with CPR routines, protocols and development. He first appears in on 28 January 2014 and instantly makes an impression on Ric and Guy after bringing his lunch and shoes to an interview after assuming they would want him to start. He comes over as confident bordering on arrogant. He upsets Harry when he criticises his CPR abilities and attitude. He also clashes with Adele and confiscates her mobile phone after catching her using it.

Greg Douglas

Edward MacLiam plays Greg Douglas, a registrar in cardiothoracic surgery who first appears in series twelve, working for Connie Beauchamp in London. He follows her back to Holby and begins working on Darwin ward, mentoring F2 doctor Oliver Valentine.

Abra Durant

Main article: Abra Durant

Adrian Edmonson plays Abra Durant, a consultant surgeon who first appears in the series seven episode "Tuesday's Child", filmed entirely on location in Ghana as part of the BBC's "Africa Lives" season. While the role was created for Edmondson as a one-off guest-appearance, he has since reprised the role of Abra six times, stating that he has loved the show since its 1999 conception. Abra's initial role in the show is that of Third World rights champion and humorous surgical maverick, whose major storylines centre around serious rule breaking, and his relationship with colleague Kyla Tyson. Upon returning to the show in series eleven, the character takes a darker turn, resorting to self-harm as a symptom of post-traumatic stress, following a harrowing experience in the war torn Congo. Abra returns to Africa after seeking psychiatric help, and makes his final appearance soon thereafter, returning briefly to Holby in an attempt to convince Kyla to move to Ghana with him.


Adele Effanga

Main article: Adele Effanga

Petra Letang plays healthcare assistant Adele Effanga and made her first appearance in series 16 on 14 January 2014. Adele is the younger sister of Mo Effanga

Chizzy Akudolu plays specialist registrar Mo Effanga, who has been on the show since 22 May 2012. Mo is a comedic character but has also been involved in many big storylines, for example when she was giving birth to a baby for a friend. On her arrival, a BBC spokesperson dubbed her Disorganised and chaotic in her personal life, if there’s a disastrous man on the horizon, she’ll find him. She was nominated for "Best Newcomer" at the Black International Film Festival and Music.

Liam Evans

Adrian Lewis Morgan plays nurse Liam Evans, who appears from series three, episode 15 until series four, episode 35. Liam originally works on Keller ward as an agency nurse. He plans to leave the hospital to get married and move to Australia, but when he is jilted on his wedding day, he applies for a permanent position. When Liam overhears his neighbours arguing, he intervenes in an instance of domestic violence and is pushed off a balcony. He is left paralysed from the waist down, and becomes depressed, feeling unable to cope. When his ex-fiancée returns to Holby, she and Liam reconcile and move to Australia.


Adrian Fletcher

Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher played by Alex Walkinshaw, first appeared in late 2014 as a staff nurse that has moved from the ED to AAU. He previously appeared in Casualty for two years. His storylines have included an affair with Tess Bateman (Suzanne Packer) and the subsequent breakup of his marriage to Natalie Fletcher (Claire Cage).

Walkinshaw announced that he would be leaving Casualty and reprising his role as Fletch in its spinoff show, Holby City on 1 April 2014. He is set to depart in late 2014, after deciding to pursue a new challenge and will arrive in Holby City weeks later.

Damon Ford

David Ajao plays Damon Ford, a first year foundation training doctor who will first appear in Spring 2017, within the show's nineteenth series. Damon is billed as "boyishly enthusiastic". On Ajoa's casting, acting executive producer Simon Harper said, "David is a really exciting new talent who in his brilliant audition brought Damon’s energy and idealism to life."

Lisa Fox

Luisa Bradshaw-White plays Lisa Fox, who first appears in Holby City in series four, episode 13, "Shadow of a Doubt (Part 1)", as a midwife on the hospital's maternity ward. She later goes on to become sister of the Acute Assessment Unit, then clinical matron of Keller, the hospital's general surgical ward. Following her departure from the show, the official series website described Lisa as: "ambitious, highly capable at her job and didn't suffer fools gladly. However, she sometimes took herself too seriously and was afraid to let her hair down. She had a determined nature and while she could cause friction, she was genuine and honest." Her major storylines revolve around her advancing career, an on-off relationship with colleague Mubbs Hussein, and her father's death by assisted suicide. Lisa also appears in the Casualty@Holby City interactive episode "Something We Can Do". Upon announcing her forthcoming departure from the show on 8 June 2005, BBC Publicity commented: "The character of Lisa has been wonderful in the show and she has always had a huge sense of fun and adventure. So in the months to come we will see her unable to resist the challenge of working in a setting very different from Holby City Hospital." In her final appearance, series 7, episode 48 "Great Expectations", Lisa decides to leave Holby with surgeon Abra Durant and relocate to work with him in Ghana. Although the character had only recently embarked on a new relationship with Mubbs, Bradshaw-White explained: "When he does finally declare his undying love for her and asks to move in with him, Lisa realises it isn't what she wants at all." She expanded that "Lisa's waited so long to hear those words, but she's annoyed to discover he assumed she'd jump at the chance [to move in with him]." She stated that she was "pleased it's a positive ending for [Lisa] as she's been so miserable", and explained that her motivation for leaving Holby City was "Purely because I've been in it four years. I've loved every second here and I probably stayed a year longer than I wanted to, just because I loved it so much."

Kath Fox

Jan Pearson plays ward sister Kath Fox between series two episode five and series six episode 26. Kath is the mother of nurse Danny Shaughnessy, and during her early years on the show escapes a violent marriage marred by domestic abuse to Danny's father. Her Christian faith is a strong element of her character, and she struggles emotionally when the hospital's Father Michal develops romantic feelings towards her. She rejects his advances, and he responds by attempting suicide. Later, she falls in love with and marries Terry Fox, father of midwife Lisa Fox. Terry is suffering from cancer, and later takes his own life. Kath is accused of aiding him in euthanasia by Lisa, and is arrested and tried in court, eventually deemed to be innocent. She and Lisa do not reconcile until Kath departs from Holby, leaving the country with her most recent love interest.


John Gaskell

Paul McGann plays Professor John Gaskell, a surgeon who will make first appear in December 2017, within the show's twentieth series. John is billed as a "surgical star with irrepressible charm", who will take the hospital into "an exciting but unknown future" with a new surgical programme. McGann will begin filming in August 2016. Of his casting, McGann said, "I'm really excited to be joining Holby. Professor John Gaskell is certainly going to be an interesting character and I can't wait to get started on the wards." Head of Continuing Drama for BBC Scripted Studios, Oliver Kent, expressed his delight at the casting of McGann and described him joining the show as "a dream come true". He added, "John Gaskell will be a mercurial force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to see him locking horns with Jac, Hanssen, Griffin and the other Holby titans."

Jess Griffin

Verona Joseph plays Jess Griffin, the daughter of consultant general surgeon Ric Griffin. Jess first appears in series 4, episode 15, becoming the personal assistant of Owen Davis. She goes on to become a nurse, and departs from the show in series 9, episode 29. She reappeared in series 13, episode 3 on 2 November 2010, married to a man named David Kilburn and is 18 weeks pregnant, and again in series 13, episode 21 on 8 March 2011. On 4 March 2014, Jess returns suffering from bad symptoms which turn out to be a hernia. It also transpires that her husband, David has been abusing her both mentally and physically. Her father pledges to do everything he can to get her away from him.

Lola Griffin

Sharon D. Clarke plays Lola Griffin, introduced in Holby City's seventh series as the two-time ex-wife of Ric Griffin, and a cardiothoracic registrar. She is quickly promoted to critical care consultant and head of the hospital's Acute Assessment Unit. However, the fast pace of the AAU combined with her "feisty, controlling" nature culminates in her being fired from the hospital and suffering a heart attack on the same day. Lola recovers following surgery, and is re-employed by the hospital, switching roles once again to become a post-operative care consultant. It has been announced that the character will depart from the show later in 2008, to allow Clarke to return to musical theatre. When Holby General's CEO Jayne Grayson is forced to make a consultant redundant, Lola is top of the list. She leaves the hospital to work as medical officer at a private psychiatric clinic. With the help of Ric, she manages to fool Jayne into doubling her redundancy package even though she has a better job to go to. On her first day, she is reunited with former colleague Abra Durant who is being treated for post traumatic stress syndrome following his time in Africa. When Abra discharges himself and decides to return to Ghana, Lola realises that the new job isn't right for her, so hands in her resignation and leaves with Abra.

Ric Griffin

Main article: Ric Griffin

Hugh Quarshie plays Ric Griffin, the hospital's Head of general surgery. He is portrayed as "stubborn, impulsive and self-destructive," but at the same time "noble and righteous", unafraid to fight for his principles and medical ethics. His major storylines concentrate on his gambling addiction, and his inability to find the right woman. Ric has been married six times (twice to fellow Holby doctor Lola Griffin), and has eight children and two grandchildren. He is the second longest serving character on the show, having arrived at the start of Holby City's fourth series. The character was briefly written out in 2006 to allow Quarshie time off to film two episodes of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, but returned again to the serial in 2007.


Dan Hamilton

Main article: Dan Hamilton

Adam Astill plays Dan Hamilton, a Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who first appears in the episode titled "Blue Valentine" of the thirteenth series. Astill had wanted a role in the series for some time prior to his casting. Billed as charming and sometimes lacking courage, Dan begins a relationship with ward sister Chrissie Williams. However his rivalry with registrar Antoine Malick develops into something more.

Henrik Hanssen

Main article: Henrik Hanssen

Guy Henry plays Henrik Hanssen, a consultant general surgeon and joint Director of Surgery at Holby General, who first appears in the premiere episode of the thirteenth series, "Shifts". Hanssen was sent to the hospital by the Department of Health to make budget cuts. He is presented as "punctilious, pedantic and passionate about his work", but with a dry sense of humour.

Sandy Harper

From December 2000 to September 2003, staff nurse Sandy Harper was played by Laura Sadler. The actress was fatally injured on 15 June 2003, when she fell 40 ft (12 m) from the balcony of her boyfriend's second floor flat. Sadler was taken off life support and died one day later, in Charing Cross Hospital. Eight further Holby City episodes featuring Sadler as Sandy had already been filmed, and were aired as scheduled posthumously. BBC scriptwriters consulted Sadler's mother, Sonja Sadler, when devising the character's exit storyline. Mal Young said: "I went there thinking we were all going to be in tears and it turned into an unofficial storyline conference. I said we would find a way of explaining Laura's absence and her mum came up with an idea we all liked." Sandy's farewell episode, "A Friend in Need", revealed that the character had won £150,000 in the lottery, and left for Australia to follow former love interest Danny Shaughnessy. After discovering various amounts of money she had left behind for her friends at Holby City Hospital, the characters gathered together in the hospital bar at the end of the episode, and raised a toast "To the one and only Sandy!"

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